Post-waxing mousse that weakens the hair and slows down its growth thanks to the papaya extract and vitamin E. With a clearing, soothing and refreshing action thanks to its gentle cooling effect, it works perfectly on tired legs. Also recommended for delicate areas such as the bikini line area or underarms.

Post-epilatory mousse that refreshes the skin, decongesting it after epilation while helping to eliminate the remains of wax.

FOLIMOUSSE is the new post-epilatory mousse. Its formula is based on a phyto-bioactive complex of combined action that provides a limiting effect on the growth of body hair.

200 ml · VEDEDM200

Useful Tips

Apply, with a gentle massage an amount sufficient to cover the entire epilated area until completely absorbed. The treatment should be carried out during the 10 days following epilation, morning and night, on completely clean skin.


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