• Waxceutical DNA Film Wax

      Allows for skin rejuvenation & gentle hair removal silmultaneously. Contains actives which respect maturing skin & help restore skin youthfulness. The wax changes colour when ready to remove!

    • Waxceutical DNA Rejuvenating Serum

      Formulated with anti-aging ingredients suitable for the face & body areas. Combats loss of firmness, fine lines & dry, dehydrated skin.

    • Waxceutical DNA Thermo Mask

      An occlusive thermal mask with added moisturizing agents and mica to offer deep hydration, improving the skin’s radiance and encouraging penetration of active ingredients for visible, lasting results.

    • Waxceutical Glycopeel

      A skin peel with AHA’s to brighten, smooth and promote cell regeneration. Works best on textured, rough skin!

    • Waxceutical O2 Bubble Mask

      A purifying and refreshing bubbling mask that oxygenates to improve skin condition and skin health.

    • Waxceutical Soft & Bright Clarifying Lotion

      Face & body lotion formulated with Gatuline Spot Light, enriched with Shea Butter to provide & hydration for silky-soft skin.

    • Waxceutical Soft & Bright Clarifying Serum

      Formulated with plant-extracts Gatuline Spot Light & Citrus Unshiu to target hyper-pigmented areas.

    • Waxceutical Soft & Bright Film Wax

      A extraordinary creamy textured film wax that contains inhibitors of melanin production. Perfect, luminous skin, completely free of irritation and blemishes even in the most delicate areas.

    • Waxceutical Soft & Bright Roll-on Wax

      A brightening strip wax with a creamy texture, that allows an effective epilation, even with the most stubborn hair.

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