Waxing Lotions


      This pre-wax spray lotion cleanses the skin, getting rid of traces of make-up, deodorant, cream or oils and primes it to improve the adherence of the wax to the skin. It is recommended for small and sensitive areas including the face, underarms or bikini line area and it works perfectly before using the Extra Film wax.


      This formula leaves no marks and doesn’t require rinsing to quickly and easily remove traces of wax from warmers, the floor, work trolleys or clothes. Pleasant citrus smell.


      Folisan is the most effective treatment to prevent folliculitis. It prevents the formation of ingrown hairs and irritation as a result of hair removal (from the root or shaven). Gently exfoliates and allows the hair to break through the skin without obstruction. It also moisturises the skin. Perfect for bikini line area, underarms, legs, face and neck.


      All the benefits of Folisan against folliculitis in a gel formula that treats and prevents ingrown hairs in the most delicate areas including the underarms, bikini line area or the beard. Its roll-on design makes it ideal for home use and for applying to hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for men who shave with a razor, as it also helps prevent infected pores.


      Made from coconut sugar, aloe vera and a powerful molecular antioxidant extracted from olives, this mechanical body peel protects the cellular structure of the skin tissue and lipid bilayer, treating the skin and leaving it soft, smooth and hydrated.


      These vials enhance the anti-keratinisation process, i.e., they weaken the hair, decrease its thickness and slow down growth thanks to the Papaya and Vitamin E present in their formula. They also moisturise the skin.

      Gold Concentrate is applied immediately after waxing, when the pores are opened, in a circular massaging motion until it is entirely absorbed. The pack of three is ideal for continuing treatment at home.


      Gel formulated to remove traces of make-up remover, deodorant, body creams or oils before waxing. It is applied to extensive areas of the body, such as legs, arms or back, cleansing the skin and enhancing the grip of the wax to the hair, in turn helping to keep pain to a minimum. It also moisturises the hair and prevents it from breaking during waxing.


      This pre-waxing oil acts as an effective barrier that noticeably reduces any pain or heat sensation when used with conventional hot waxes.

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